Fat to Fit

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Newsletter Issue No:1                                                        December 2016 With Christmas right around the corner, I’m impressed you found the time to read this! Your effort is definitely worth it. I’m about to answer the million-dollar question of the festive season: How do I get rid of holiday fat? Before I share my Fat to Fit strategy with you, let me tell […]

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What is Homeopathy?

Here’s a short discourse to give you a glimpse into what Homeopathy is all about. If you have questions, and I hope you do; feel free to approach us.

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Feeding Your Hair Right

Strong, shiny hair is a symbol of overall health and vitality. You are what you eat!!Let’s say you’ve got a huge event coming up and are looking for tips to thicker hair pronto!! (Psst- Christmas is just around the corner, maybe you have a wedding to go to…)I’ve got some fantastic diet suggestions to help your strands become thicker in […]

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Understanding Bed-wetting

Sleeping siblings

Bed-wetting or Enuresis is defined as urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control) beyond the age of 4 years for daytime & 6 years for night time; or as the loss of continence after at least 3 months of dryness. The diagnosis of enuresis is made when wetting occurs twice a week for 3 consecutive months. HOW COMMON IS IT?At 5yrs:   […]

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How Should Diabetics Choose their Foods?

How Should Diabetics Choose their Foods

To keep your blood sugar levels in check- regular monitoring is very important. In addition to medications, diet modifications are a must for people with high levels of diabetes. A concerning statistic for our Indian audience- India has now been labelled the “Diabetes capital of the World” and thousands are being diagnosed every day. A smart way of selecting foods […]

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