Homoeopathy for Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

If you work-out on a regular basis, you definitely know when a part of your body is acting up. Perhaps you bench-pressed too vigorously, jogged too much or tried a complicated yoga posture when your body was not warm enough. For those that are regularly irregular at exercising, you know how those muscles/bones creak and groan when you try to push […]

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Why Homoeopathy?


What is it exactly? Homoeopathy is a system of medicine based on the law of similars. The word homoeopathy is derived from homoeo meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering. How does it work? By strengthening the body’s immune system, thus enabling the body to fight the disease itself.  Confusing as this may sound, the medicine given acts similar to the disease-causing-agent. We call it the […]

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Vision Therapy- see better naturally

Vision Therapy

Eye therapy better known as yoga for the eyes is a natural way of keeping your eyes healthy. It is not a very old or a common therapy. With simple exercises one can reduce dependency on glasses and keep their eyes healthy for life. It is possible through a simple program to even completely get off glasses. An individual starts wearing glasses due […]

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