Protect your heart

Heart Beat

We often hear of people-both young and old, dropping dead from a heart attack. Most commonly, the killer is Atherosclerosis. Understanding what this actually means can help us go a long way in preventing ourselves and our families from such life-threatening events. What is Atherosclerosis?! Atherosclerosis means “hardening” of the arteries by fatty substances called plaques. These lead to reduced or blocked […]

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A herb, a nut a fruit a day #3 of 7


This 7 part herb, nut and fruit series gives you a way to slide these health gems into your week with minimum effort. What better way to keep the doctor away?  Herb in Focus: Fennel (Saunf) We commonly known Fennel as a spice for beverages and as a post meal digestive aid. Along with taking away bad breath it has a variety of […]

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Evidence Based Homoeopathy in Asthma

Bronchial Asthma

Pre- and Post-treatment changes in Asthmatics, evaluated using Pulmonary Function Tests Abstract Background:The worldwide incidence of Bronchial Asthma is increasing by 50% every decade;with 15 million adult sufferers in India. Homoeopathy is known to have beneficialeffects in Bronchial Asthma. However, these effects have not been objectively quantified. Clinical studies conducted previously were found to have methodological flaws and confounding results. This study, […]

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