Top 3 pregnancy priorities


No, not a nursery, cute baby clothes or shelves of matching blue and pink toys. While there’s nothing wrong with stocking up on these, your baby doesn’t care. The frills are all for you. So what does your baby care about? A well nourished body this seems understood, but is so easily forgotten. Your baby can’t grow well unless the mother-ship […]

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A herb, a nut, a fruit a day # 5 of 7


This 7 part herb, nut and fruit series gives you a way to slide these health gems into your week with minimum effort. What better way to keep the doctor away?  All 3 foods in the spotlight today, share a rich repertoire of vitamins and minerals. They do us the honour of being anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-cancerous and anti-oxidants. If they aren’t already […]

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