Are you or a loved one battling depression?

Homeopathic Clinic Margao Goa - Depression

In our world of increased virtual connectivity, social media trends and the latest netizen-speak; individual lives are taking a turn for the worse.

The WHO estimates that 300 million people worldwide suffer from Depression.

Many people scoff when they hear this, thinking it is not really an illness. Sure, it might not have an outwardly obvious symptom like fever or a large blister; but depression is very real. At its worst it causes the sufferer to consider harming/killing themselves.

Those suffering from it, need help. Both medical help and the help of their loved ones.

How do you recognise depression in others or yourself? Please note the following list is meant to throw light on this illness but is by no means comprehensive.

Possible symptoms of depression

  • loss of interest in activites/people that were previously enjoyed
  • regular trouble sleeping- too much or too little or not satisfactory.
  • decreased energy and fatigue majority of the time
  • changes in or loss of appetite
  • difficulty concentrating, making decisions or thinking clearly

When can depression occur? Who is more prone to it?

  • after child birth: 1 in 4 women have more than just mild baby blues.
  • during winter: seasonal depression is linked to dark, cold wintery times. Here something as simple as Vitamin D can relieve symptoms.
  • in childhood and teenage years. Yes, this happens. So the next time you see a perpetually sadness in a  child you know, don’t just brush it off.
  • more women than men tend to be victims of depression
  • those with family members suffering from depression are more susceptible to the same.

How can you help?

If you are experiencing symptoms, get help. There is no shame in reaching out.

If someone you know shows signs of depression, don’t try to talk them out of it. Get them help.

You could potentially save a life!

My experience with Depression:

Personally, I knew this was a high possibility soon after I gave birth and my husband had to work abroad for 2 weeks. I was terrified as a new mum and even more terrified of being depressed. I reached out to friends who regularly checked in on me and I got in touch with my Homoeopath for some help with remedies.

As a Homoeopath myself, I have and continue to have many such patients under my care. I share their pain as they relate their struggles to me. I have had many positive outcomes and it brings so much joy to see these people full of life and happiness. There is much Homoeopathy can do for depression. In some cases I also work with Bach Flower Essences. If you or a loved one need help, do reach out.