Back to the Basics


Complicated as it may seem to de-stress in this fast-paced, information overloaded time; it really isn’t rocket science.

Following cues from my 6 month old, I’ve rediscovered 5 basic solutions to get those knots out of your back and the worries out of your head.

It’s as simple as food, water, air, earth and love.

Notice how babies perceive everything with such a sense of wonder? Introducing my son to food has emphasized what we so often fail to do: Eat with all our senses. Very often we’re eating on the run, devouring morsels just with our mouths. Try relishing food henceforth through sight, smell and touch. See how mushy banana can be or how slippery smooth a bowl of yogurt is. Inhale the goodness of freshly ground cinnamon, taste the sting of spicy black pepper down your throat and let a freshly roasted steak be eye candy.. Food ought to be an adventure!

 Baby having food

There’s something supremely comforting about the sound of water flowing. Sure, it might make some of us want to pee, but then too you’d have a relaxed bladder. Perhaps it has to do with our origins in the sea or with spending our first nine months floating in fluid filled wombs. Seeing my bub splashing around at his first pool experience drove home the fact how easy it is to let off steam. Even if you can’t swim, you can without doubt splash with all your might! Cool off under water, your shower is also a great start.

Being a baby is not easy especially when you want to pick up that toy and taste it but instead it lands squat on your face and you can only let mum know through a growling cry. She flies to the rescue. Incoordinated as babies are, that gurgle of laughter while finally being able to breathe deeply again; priceless! Simple deep breaths go a long way in calming the mind. Incredibly, it also helps the body by alkalizing it. Deeper breaths=more oxygen=alkaline body. De-stressing could not be any easier. Want to step it up a notch? Try Pranayama.

As children we ran around bare footed. When was the last time you did so as an adult? Grounding or earthing yourself reconnects you to the soil while balancing electrons in your body that tends to get negatively charged. For more information on how to ground yourself, quite literally at that, check here.

There’s no such thing as too many cuddles and babies tell you loud and clear if you think otherwise.  There is even a specific number of hugs we need a day. Physical contact is vital. Have you had your hugging quota for today? That’s 4 to survive, 8 for maintenence and 12 to grow. And here you are, wondering when the last time was that you had a hug. Your pet also makes a fantastic hugging partner. Get started on that love!

There’s no time to lose. Do it like the babies. 😉