Be kind to your mind

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Creating awareness about mental health in today’s world has become the need of the hour. Everybody talks about being HEALTHY. But I guess a very few know the real definition of Health.  Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Our health doesn’t only include our physical body but it also equally includes our mental well-being too. The soul objective of this article is to create awareness among people about mental health.

Mental health includes our emotions, thought process, our feelings, our way of behavior, our perceptions and our well-being. It’s equally necessary to take care of our mental health as we take care of our physical health. God has created every individual unique in its own way. Though we humans all have the same anatomical structure and physiological functions, the susceptibility of each individual is different. We all have different looks and we all have different immunity levels. Similarly, we all have different emotions, skills; talents; behaviors etc. Also, the experiences/ family situations/ society in which we live; the values / cultures, /family & social support during the course of our life makes each one different from the other.

Mental and physical health are both interlinked with each other. They are not two separate entities of our body and hence if either of them gets affected, the symptoms may present at both the levels. Whenever we feel depressed our bodily function changes – our sleep, appetite gets disturbed, we cry, we have a sad facial expression. The moment our bodily function changes it’s quite significant that both mind and body work hand in hand. Similarly, if we get abdomen pain or a headache, we have a sick feeling and our mood goes off, we don’t feel like doing anything- it means that when a particular part of body is in an unhealthy state, the symptoms are not necessarily limited to the part affected. In fact, the person as a whole goes into a state of being unhealthy. If either body or mind gets disturbed, the equilibrium is shaken. To attain the equilibrium back i.e. to restore health, balance of these two aspects is very important.

In the long run, mental disturbances can lead to varied disorders from mild depression to severe schizophrenia/suicide tendencies on the mental plane and from simple acidity to highly pathological cases like peptic ulcers, autoimmune disorders, tumors etc on the physical plane. We all have the potential to develop mental health problems, no matter how old we are, whether we are male or female, rich or poor, or to which society or socio- economic class we belong.

If we get a small pimple, we panic and the people around us also make a scene out of it. Whereas if someone has a bad day then do you think anybody pays attention to that? What does it take from us if we spend some quality time with those who are in need? Helping someone can give you lot of happiness and self-satisfaction.

The numbers of suicide cases and irreversible pathological cases are increasing nowadays. Along with these there is also rise in mental disorders like Mood disorders, Personality disorders, Depression, Schizophrenia etc. Have we ever given a thought to this? One of the important leading factors for the rise of these disorders is STRESS, (may not be the only causative factor) others include diet, lifestyle etc. Everybody goes through some amount of stress levels during their lives.  From a child to an elderly person, everybody’s head is filled with some stress or the other. We think childhood is safer, but no. Children also go through a lot of stress and pain which they probably don’t know to express and hence it gets neglected most of the time. 

Loneliness is also an important factor that people find difficult to cope with. There is huge population on the earth but still we feel lonely. Have you given a thought about this ever? Everybody talks about being busy. Fine! Being busy is okay but at what cost? At the end of the day our HEALTH is more important than anything else. If the expected outcome of being busy is just money/fame/status/power, then it’s high time to rethink our busy-ness! Happiness and Well-being are what matter at the end of the day. If we always live in worry of the future and financial insecurities, what are we doing? We are not living in the present. The present is with us, so grab the opportunities and moments that you have now and enjoy your life.

Make your life worth “living” and not just existing for sake of being alive. Mental health plays a very important role in relations- both personal and professional. Stop suppressing your emotions, speak out to somebody, just like vomiting makes us feel better after a gastritis episode, similarly venting out your emotions also makes you feel much better. Take care of yourself and others too. Give love, care and affection to others. Give time to others and they will also make time for you. Just being there also makes a lot of difference. Take the first step. Your small step can make the world a much better place to live in and make the world less dis-eased and more at ease!

Think about it and make a change in your life…. You will definitely see a huge difference.

Stay healthy! Stay happy!