Breakfast your way to health


How smooth is your morning?

You’ve woken up late, you need to get to work on time and there’s rush hour traffic to deal with. Add to that, your overworked, stressed out mind with a million things to do; you’re lucky if you make it out of the front door without forgetting phone, wallet and keys.

Wait, what about breakfast?

Is that what you called the hurriedly gulped piece of bread and mug of steaming coffee?

All the stress of your jam-packed, on the go morning, along with an almost non-existent breakfast beat your body up, making it acidic and prone to sickness. Optimal health calls for an alkaline body and the three top ways to get there are actually very basic- water, clean air and alkaline food.

Let’s start by breaking down your morning meal which as the name tells us every day, and we mostly ignore this every day; you are breaking your night long fast.

So start gently. Don’t rudely shock your body awake with tea or coffee. Feels great at the moment I know, but the long-term effects are not so great. Read on to know when you can best enjoy that mug of comfort.

I will save the details of acidity v/s alkalinity for a future article, but here’s a sample menu for a healthy 3 course breakfast. You heard right, 3 courses. There’s always time if you make time. I’m saving you some time with 3 options per meal. You could even choose more than 1 option per course, depending on your individual needs. Give this a go for a week and let me know how you feel.

Gentle wake-up options:

  1. Morning quickie: Hot water + squeeze of fresh lime
  2. Detoxing drink: Hot water + 1 tsp apple cider vinegar + 1 tsp honey + squeeze of fresh lime
  3. Spice cleanse: Hot water + turmeric + cinnamon- a pinch of each

Smoothie: (made with coconut/almond/oat/any nut milk or just water. No cow’s milk)

  1. Classic ABC: Apple + Beetroot + Carrot
  2. Pineapple delight: pineapple + fresh coriander
  3. Banana rush: Banana + cinnamon

I often make a huge quantity of my morning smoothie and use the extra as a mid -morning snack.

Main course:

  1. Oats/chia seed bowl with added nuts & fruits of choice
  2. High carbs- dosa/idli/chapati/bread
  3. Protein surge- cheese (preferably homemade and not highly processed)/eggs/tofu/lean meat

For those tea and coffee lovers still reading, I empathize. Read on…

Ever thought about substituting your morning warm liquid with a mug of local Goan Tizan? Fondly called the food of the iron generation, this is something full of power nutrients. All you need is powdered ragi or rye, cooked in water. After taking it off the heat, add coconut milk and jaggery/palm sugar.

I love my morning cuppa just as much as you do. However, the best time to drink that mug of comfort is AFTER your meal. And at least 30 minutes at that. I can hear you scoff and say impossible! My solution? Put it in a flask/portable cup and drink it on the go. The way to work gets so much more fun!

Cheers and here’s hoping you breakfast like a king!