Does Your Skin Glow?

Does Your Skin Glow?

If you answered no, read on.  If you said yes, give me a call; I want to know more! 

We often find our most visible and largest body part feeling dry, listless and unhealthy. Must we spend tons of money on expensive creams and moisturizers? Or is there a more affordable and healthier way?

You bet there is! I would like to share not one, but 2 methods with you on how to make your skin look bright and alive.

However, there’s a catch. My condition to sharing these 2 pearls of ancient wisdom with you is this: Please hydrate yourself adequately. Irrespective of whether the sun is blazing at 40 degrees or the temperatures drop to chilly lows. In simple English: Drink enough water! That’s 2-3 litres a day. And no, that does not include tea, coffee, juices and whatever else you subject your body to.

Go on, make yourself that promise. I will check on you.

Just by allowing your body to enjoy the comfort of enough water, you are pushing out toxins, hydrating your cells, reducing the breakout of pimples and keeping wrinkles at bay. Here’s more for those interested.

Now that I’ve hopefully got you to promise on more water, be aware that you will visit the bathroom more often (this side-effect gets less over time). Not being a big water drinker myself, I use a trick to get my 3 litres down. After every visit to the loo, I drink a glass of water, thus ensuring I go back. You get the idea…

Without further ado, here is what you can start with right away. Today.

  1. Dry Skin Body Brushing

Use a plant/natural fibre body brush. Do this before a bath. Starting at your ankles, gently scrub your skin and work your way upwards-legs, torso, arms, back; preferably towards the heart. Avoid the face. This ancient technique exfoliates your skin, removes cellulite and gives you many more benefits that you can see here

PS- Try Amazon for brushes or if you live in Goa, I highly recommend visiting Earthlings in Margao. Besides body scrubs they have an assortment of natural, holistic and artistic products. This is where you can know more

2. Rose Water -Glycerine Mix

Most of my patients know this formula like a mantra. Simply mix the two liquids in equal proportions and apply generously all over the body after a bath. This keeps your skin soft, hydrated and smooth. Say good-bye to dry and cracked skin. Most people who use this have little need of any moisturizers or creams. If you find the mixture too sticky, add an equal amount of drinking water to the combination.

I often get asked whether Glycerine is harmful. The answer is no. For more info on Glycerine check here Several of my dermatological cases have used this combination with great results. If you are suffering from a skin ailment, please consult your doctor before you try anything new.

I’m happy to answer questions if you have any. Feel free to ask away!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! What you eat is a big factor in how your skin looks and feels. Which is why I am offering a free Nutrition session to those that I consult at the clinic. I will be available from 10th to 19th May in Goa. Contact the team or me for appointments.

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Here’s wishing you glowing skin and full bladders! (You promised!)

Cheers from Hamburg

Dr. Nicola Coutinho