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We are all well aware that regular brushing and flossing maintains our oral hygiene. Did you also know  there are certain foods which you can include in your diet to keep those teeth pearly white, strong and healthy?

Here is a list of foods which should be included in your teeth-friendly diet:

1. Calcium :Milk, milk products, soy products, almonds, dark green leafy vegetables, are a rich source of calcium. Your tooth structure is made up of minerals mainly calcium, fluoride, magnesium and phosphorous. Calcium is the building block of teeth, and a regular intake of these foods will ensure that your requirements are met. During pregnancy, childhood and adolescence a diet rich in calcium is very important in order to build bone and teeth mass. 

Cheese in particular has a dual benefit as it also helps to reduce the acidity in the mouth and increase saliva flow.

Yogurt is also a good source of calcium. Furthermore it is a pro-biotic which reduces harmful acid producing bacteria that break down tooth structure.

A lot of women, who had a perfect set of teeth prior to pregnancy notice that their teeth, post pregnancy, have become very weak and easily develop cavities. This is attributed to Calcium depletion. In addition to dietary intake of calcium you could consider a local application of milk protein (CCP ACP) which is to be used in a custom tray to fit your teeth. Individuals who are prone to dental caries could also opt for this procedure. (You need professional dental assistance for the same)

2. Vitamin D : the sunshine vitamin helps your body to absorb calcium and incorporate it in your bones and teeth. Sources include oily fish like sardines; egg yolks, cod liver oil and enjoying early morning sunlight on your skin.

3. Magnesium : good sources include whole meal bread, spinach and bananas. 

4. Fluoride : it combines with calcium to form the crystalline structure (outer enamel layer) of the tooth. It is a very important during formation of teeth . If your drinking water is not fluoridated your dentist can locally apply fluoride varnish to your teeth. This is especially beneficial on newly erupted teeth as a preventive measure. Fluoride should be applied only in small doses as too much can lead to formation of white spots on the teeth.

5. Vitamin C : sources include guavas, oranges, lemons and citrus fruits. Vitamin C is of a huge benefit to your gums. It helps to decrease inflammations. Deficiency leads to painful, swollen gums which can progress to more serious problems. Since citrus fruits have an acidic content , they can be ideally taken along or after meals. If you like orange juice, drink with a straw to minimize exposure to it’s acidic nature.

About the author

Dr Lynette Vaz believes in providing quality dental treatment to her patients while at the same time removing their pre-conceived fears or apprehensions about dentistry. She endorses Homoeopathy because she prefers treatment which is simple and effective without any side effects. Especially for conditions where she would have to take strong antibiotics.

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