Essential remedies for your homeopathic kit

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Wanderlust & Homeopathy- this first aid kit is my faithful travel companion

I indulge in some wishful thinking here given the present conditions that restrict travel. But hey, planning a trip has shown to boost happiness levels even if you don’t end up going all the way. So get that homeopathic kit ready.

I am Indian, with a German husband and a cocktail son. Needless to say, we travel often between the two countries. Additionally, we are all three smitten by the travel-bug. As soon as it is possible again, we will be on the road or in the air.

Travel is exciting but can also be stressful for the body for many reasons: changes in food, weather, time zones, cultures and sleep patterns.

An Australian with a fantastic idea

Before I share the homeopathic remedies I find most useful in my travel kit, here is a great tip from an Australian called Clinton Ober. Grounding or Earthing quickly re-sets your internal clock to local time and reduces the effects of jetlag. Walk around barefoot on the ground as soon as you arrive- on grass, sand or mud, not tarmac. Of course, in winter months this might be more challenging, but it is definitely worth trying.

Camping at the Baltic Sea

Here is how my travel kit looks

and I’m curious about yours! I’ve listed the homeopathic remedies with their indications but please note: Homoeopathic medicines should only be prescribed by a trained therapist. The list below is in no way intended to be a substitute for a professional homoeopathic or medical prescription.

15 of my top remedies for on-the-go

  • Aconite: For panicky shock, such as from bad news or from having a fall. Those who are strong and silent in shock, need Arnica. Here the state is of panic. Fear. Restlessness. Terror of flying. For symptoms which appear suddenly, like a headache or sore throat.
  • Apis mel: useful for insect bites, wasp/bee stings, allergic skin reactions. Pains are stinging and burning. Redness.
  • Argentum nit: for rushed and hurried diarrhoea, sickness, bloating, flatulence and headache you might get from nerv­ous anticipation. It’s wonderful for pre-flight nerves. In fact it can be used for “pre-anything” nerves.
  • Arnica: Bruises or injuries to soft tissues. Injury from blows, falls or blunt objects. Hemorrhage due to injury, with shock. The injured person says he is fine, but doesn’t want you to touch the injured area. Great for jetlag, when you feel as if you were run over by a truck. Sitting for 10 hours in a plane is equivalent to having bruised muscles, which respond to Arnica.
  • Arsenic alb: food poisoning especially from fruit or water. Vomiting with or without exhausting diarrhea. Anxious, thirsty, feels very cold and worse after midnight. Burning pains. Restless.
  • Belladonna: Sudden onset of symptoms. Throbbing headache. Burning, dry, flushed skin, dilated pupils, strong pulse. Sunstroke. Burning with fever. Red, hot, swollen parts.
  • Calendula: as a cream or lotion to apply on cuts and open wounds. This promotes faster healing.
  • Carbo veg: State of collapse from causes like food poisoning, dehydration, infections. Nausea, air hunger, wind, bloating, blueness. Ill effects of altitude sickness. Person feels they need more oxygen so try to fan themselves.

…and a bonus remedy

  • Gelsemium: Headache, fever with chills. Aversion to food and drink. Dull and drowsy.
  • Hepar sulph: Abscesses and suppurating wounds which are very painful. Sp painful that even puffs of air across the wound are intolerable.
  • Hypericum: Injury to parts rich in nerves, especially fingers, toenails, teeth. Cuts, puncture or crush injuries with unbearable pains.
  • Ledum: Ill-effects of mosquito, sand fly or wasp stings. Animal bites and scratches. Blunt trauma to the eye. Oddly the person feels cold but the affected parts are better with cold compresses.
  • Nux vomica: After- effects of overeating, alcohol, rich foods or tobacco. Motion sickness. Nausea that is better after vomiting. Irritability.
  • Rhus tox: Torn ligaments and tendons. Sprains, especially back, ankle and wrist joints. Pains are tearing shooting, stitching. Worse on first motion, better with continued motion.
  • Tabacum: One of the first remedies for sea and car sickness. Icy coldness. Pale greenish face with nausea, dizzy, better with fresh air blowing in their face.
  • This last one is different for everyone to whom I recommend a kit. As Homoeopathy is a highly individualized wholistic system; each patient receives a very specific homeopathic medicine that fits their unique personality and physical aspects. This is called a constitutional remedy and is prescribed after an in-depth process of case taking and case analysis. I use these in chronic cases and always make sure my patients carry them in their travel kit.
  • PS- Homeopathy is also great in sports injuries. For more, click here.
On the eve of our backpacking trip through China, back in 2018

A word about dosage:

There are various theories about dosage and potency prescription in Homoeopathy. I use most homeopathic remedies in C 200. An easy analogy I find is to think of the remedy as the key for a lock and the potency is how hard you turn it. More important is finding the right remedy. If you don’t have the potency recommended, give what you’ve got.

I decide the dosage based on severity of the symptoms. In very acute situations, I prescribe a dose every 15-30 minutes. In slower developing and less intense symptoms, every 4-6 hours. My rule of thumb however, is to always wait and watch before deciding the next dose. If symptoms are 50% better, the repetitions should be taken at longer intervals, eg. From every 30 mins to every 1 hour. Once 80-90% better, no more doses are required.

Here’s hoping we can all go back to exploring our world in a more mindful and wholistic approach! Stay safe and happy planning for now!