Fat Burner Smoothie

Fat Burner Smoothie


Fat February is here!

Most of the world is frantically planning valentine’s gifts and events for their special ones. You too?

Chocolates and wine and cotton candy hearts are all delicious. However, we know all too well- a moment on the lips and forever on the hips! One ladoo too many and you know exactly what shadow you will soon cast. 😉

So while everyone is jumping onto cupid’s train; I want to make sure, that you, dear reader, are getting set to give yourself some much needed love!

For all the extra baggage you’ve been carrying through the new year (2 months through already!) here’s the smoothie I promised to share with you:

Ingredients for 1 glass (200ml)

140 g Watermelon

2 small Tomatoes

2-3 sprigs fresh Coriander

Chilly flakes

A squeeze of Lemon

2 Ice cubes


Peel and cut the watermelon and tomatoes into small pieces. Add the rest of the ingredients and give the mixture a good run in the blender. If you prefer a more fluid consistency, consider peeling the tomatoes and/or adding more ice cubes. If you choose to leave the skin on and have a thicker smoothie, your digestive system will thank you for the fibre-rich treat!

Each glass has approximately 60 kcal, 0 g Fat and 15 g Carbohydrates. Let a chilled glass of this goodness, melt more than just your worries away!