Feeding Your Hair Right

Strong, shiny hair is a symbol of overall health and vitality. You are what you eat!!
Let’s say you’ve got a huge event coming up and are looking for tips to thicker hair pronto!! (Psst- Christmas is just around the corner, maybe you have a wedding to go to…)
I’ve got some fantastic diet suggestions to help your strands become thicker in just a month, and even thicker as time goes by.

The secret to strong, healthy hair? It’s not a special shampoo or expensive dietary supplements. It is a balanced diet packed with hair-health-promoting vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. For healthy hair you have to nourish your locks from within.

The following DIET TIPS for thicker hair are easy to implement, and can be started right away. Today.


Dieting is the worst thing you can do for your hair.
Load your food intake with plenty of clean proteins- plant or organic animal product; healthy plant fats, and tons of vegetables and leafy greens. 
When your diet is short on calories, your body is forced to use protein and collagen as fuel, which means your hair thins, your energy falls, and your muscles weaken.
Stop counting, and start eating!!  


Processed food is your hair’s enemy, along with your brain and body’s.
Processed foods are not absorbed into your body, no matter what their nutrition claims are. All they are is empty calories and wasted opportunities for real nutrients.

  • The WHAT-HOW-WHERE guide to healthy hair

Here’s your guide to shiny, glowing hair through power packed nutrients. You just need to know WHAT to eat and WHERE to find them. No, not in a bottle of multi-vitamins. I’ve also explained HOW they work.

  • Using this chart, design a healthy plan that suits you.
  • Eating for your hair isn’t only easy, but quite tasty too!
  • What are you waiting for? Eat your way to healthy hair!