Get Fit in 7 Days

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This exercise routine has been adapted for all levels of fitness. There are 3 main workouts which are a combination of exercises for the arms, legs, back and abs. There is also an element of Cardio.

Exercise Routine Instructions

For first timers/ beginners please use the low impact option without the jumps.

Those who are fitter and would like to experiment, try the high impact exercises.

There are 4 videos split into 2 parts each, for Cardio, Arms, Legs, Abs & Back. (If you would like to have the videos, please send a mail to

Each has a set of 5 exercises, explained in print and video.

Layout for the get-fit week:

Workout 1: on Days 1 and 5. 15 minutes. 

Workout 2: on Days 2 and 6. 15 minutes.

Workout 3: on Days 3 and 7. 15 minutes.

Cardio on Day 4. 15-30 minutes.

Workout 1: To be done on Day 1 and Day 5

HIIT workout – High intensity interval training.

Each exercise 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off and to be repeated twice before

moving on to the next exercise. Therefore, one exercise should take a total of 1

minute to do.

Beginners: Warm-up head to toe, 10 exercises and cool down with stretches.

Advanced: Warm-up head to toe, 15 – 20 exercises with a cool down and stretches

(you can select extra exercises from the pool of exercises. Try to alternate between

cardio and legs, arms and abs. It is ok to repeat the cardio exercises).

1. Back taps/ scissor jumps

2. Squats

3. Hamstring curls/jogs

4. Wide arm push-ups

5. Single/high knees

6. Standing abs/crunches

7. Body twists with or without jump

8. Side lunges

9. Boxing

10. Back raises

Workout 2: To be done on Day 2 and Day 6
Circuit training
Each exercise to be done for 45 seconds with a 15 second break before moving on
to the next exercise. So, each exercise should take a total of 1 minute.
Beginners: Warm-up head to toe, 10 exercises with cool down and stretch.
Advanced: Warm-up head to toe with 15-20 exercises with cool down and stretch.
(Again, try to alternate between cardio, arms, abs and back).
1. Side taps/jumping jacks
2. Lunges (right leg for 22 seconds and then left leg for 22 seconds)
3. Single/high knees
4. Front plank
5. Shoulder rolls (22 seconds forward and 22 seconds backward)
6. Hamstring curls/jogs
7. Bridges
8. Spike push-ups
9. Back taps/scissor jumps
10. Side plank (22 seconds one side and 22 seconds the other side)

Workout 3: To be done on Day 3 and Day 7
Each exercise to be done for 10-20 repetitions. Each individual person will have to
figure out their limit. You will know your limit when on the last rep, you have to
use sheer willpower to complete it and your muscles should be burning. If you
have done 20 reps and you’re still alright, either increase the number of reps or take
a harder option. You can also mix between options.
Beginners: Warm-up head to toe, 10 exercises and then cool down and stretch.
Advanced: Warm-up head to toe, 15 exercises and then cool down and stretch.
Select a good mix of the conditioning exercises. Cardio not required.
1. Squats
2. Spike push-ups
3. Calf raises (both legs)
4. Shoulder rolls
5. Side lunges
6. Tricep dips
7. Back raises
8. Wide arm push-ups
9. Front plank
10. Standing abs/ Ab plank

Day 4

This is your cardio day. Do anything that you like for 15-30 minutes
– walk, jog, swim, cycle, dance! Anything you like, but just keep moving, that’s

EXERCISES EXPLAINED (caution- long post)

Things to remember: abs tucked in tight, helps support back. Soft and flexible
knees help avoid injuries. Those with back, ankle or knee injuries do not do the
jumps. Stick to the low impact exercises.
Keep your arms moving at all times as this gets your heart involved.
Part 1 (of video)
Side taps (low impact)/ jumping jacks (high impact)
Back taps (low impact)/scissor jumps (high impact)
Body Twists without jump (low impact)/ body twists with a jump (high impact)
Part 2 (of video)
Hamstring curls (low impact)/ hamstring jogs (high impact)
Single knees (low impact)/ high knees (high impact)

Part 1 (of video)
Things to remember: Abs tight, back strong, knees soft.
Feet apart, knees soft, abs tight. Squat as if sitting in a chair. When you come up
don’t lock your knees, keep them soft. Breathe out when going down, breathe in
when coming up.
One foot forward, one backward with sufficient distance between. Back knee to the
ground and then come up. Breathe out when going down, breathe in when coming
up. Very important: at no point of time should your knee come over your toes as
this causes injuries.
Side lunges
Legs apart, go down side to side. This works the inner thighs.
Part 2 (of video)
Lie on ground, knees bent, hands at the side. Lift hips, squeeze glut (buttock)
muscles, come down but don’t touch the ground and then go up again.
This works the back of the thighs and glut muscles (buttocks)

Calf raises
Find any kind of support. Tuck one foot behind the other. Now lift body weight
onto toes and come back down. Then change sides.

Part 1 (of video)
Wide arm push-ups – for chest muscles
Option 1: box push-ups. Knees directly under hips, arms wide out. Bring chest to
the ground, push elbows out, come back up. Breathe out as you go down, breathe
in as you come up.
Option 2: make it harder by shifting body weight forward
Option 3: make it stronger by going on your toes
Tricep dips- works back of arms
Option 1: sit on ground with knees bent, hands on the ground with fingers pointing
forward. Lean body weight back and come up.
Option 2: if you’re stronger, lift your hips off the ground, go up and down.
Option 3: for the even stronger, take your feet out straight and go down and up.
Part 2 (of video)
Boxing moves – works upper back muscles
Knees soft, abs tight. Move only waist and upper body, try to keep legs fixed.
Make boxing motions, at varying speeds.
Shoulder rolls – works shoulder muscles
Arms straight out at the sides. Push back and forward. Then change direction, until
it hurts.
Spike push-ups – for shoulders
Downward dog position with hips up in the air. Then come down and up

Abs & Back
Part 1 (of video)
For those with back problems, or those who can’t get on the ground, don’t do the
lying down exercises. Just do the Standing Abs.
Standing Abs
Keep Abs tucked in tight, hands behind the head, bring one elbow to opposite side
knee and then alternate.

Lie on back with hands behind the head. Knees are bent with heels on the ground.
Very important- don’t pull on your neck, just keep your eyes to the ceiling. When
you come up, breathe out. When you go back, breathe in. Just come up as much as
your body allows.
Back Raises
Lie on belly.
Option 1: raise yourself only on your hands with the rest of the body on the
Option 2: (more difficult) same as 1 but with hands above the ground.
Part 2 (of video)
Leg Raises
Keep hands underneath hips, legs straight out. Raise both together to 90 degrees
and lower to ground. Breathe out when raising, breathe in when lowering.
You can hold these for varying amounts of time.
Front plank
Option 1: keep your knees on the ground, lift your hips up and hold.
Option 2: take your knees off the ground and hold.
Option 3: do the same up on your hands.
Side plank- works the waist, to be done on both sides.
Option 1: knees on the ground, use hands for support, lift hips off.
Option 2: take your knees off the ground.
Option 3: get up on your hands and hold for as long as you can.
Ab plank
Option 1: hands under hips, head down, lift your feet.
Option 2: take you head up.
Option 3: half V sit.

About the author:

Liesl De Silva is a qualified fitness trainer and enjoys working with people of all backgrounds and ages. When she isn’t sweating it out, she is busy lecturing her undergraduate students on the marvels of Biotechnology. Ever one for natural alternatives to any problem, De Silva strongly endorses therapies like Homoeopathy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. In case of fitness related queries, you may contact her at