Healthy Advent Calendar 2017

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Christmas is a time of cheer as well as unhealthy living. To counter the effects of too much chocolate, to stay away from those fleshy love handles and to stay fit; simply follow this calendar. Remember, a moment on the lips, can be forever on the hips!

There are 24 days until Christmas from the first of December. This is more than sufficient time to enrich your body through spices, smoothies and exercise. Some activities contain links to more detailed articles. For the ones that don’t, a simple 5 minute online research will give you tons of information. Have fun with each advent day!

Links to more information:


Fat Burner
Wake me up

Exercise Routines:
Workout 1
Workout 2
Workout 3

Have a lovely Advent season! Here’s hoping to see you fit as a fiddle on the other side!