Homoeopathy for Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

If you work-out on a regular basis, you definitely know when a part of your body is acting up.

Perhaps you bench-pressed too vigorously, jogged too much or tried a complicated yoga posture when your body was not warm enough.

For those that are regularly irregular at exercising, you know how those muscles/bones creak and groan when you try to push them into motion.

If all of this doesn’t sound even remotely familiar, we need to talk. No one on my watch gets to be a couch potato!

Now here’s a stash of my top ten homoeopathic remedies for sports injuries. Keep a stock handy and I promise you no trivial injuries will keep you from working out and staying fit.

Important point to consider: As Homoeopathy is an individualized system of medicine, not all bruises will respond to the same medicine. Keep a look-out for special symptoms of the drug- explained below. When in doubt, don’t! Simply ask. We’re only a call away.

If you’re skeptical, and it’s perfectly okay to be, I’m including tidbits from sports persons who also benefit from Homoeopathy:

The German Football Team: A study, carried out by researchers from Koblenz, found that almost all (92%) of the doctors at German football league teams prescribe homeopathic medicines.
The lead researcher Peter Billigmann, when interviewed, said, “The success stories are impressive …..homeopathic substances don’t have any side effects, and we’re on the safe side where doping is concerned.”

ARNICA is the undisputed king of injuries. It can be used in falls, blows, contusions,  sprains, or when bruising is easily visible. Sore, lame bruised pains. Will not let the injured part be touched, even the slightest touch aggravates the pain. 

HYPERICUM for crushed, bloody injuries especially involving the fingers, toes and spine. Excruciating nerve-pains. Worse by cold application and touch but strangely better by rubbing the affected part.

SYMPHYTUM commonly called bone-setter and indicated in exactly the same. It helps hasten bone regeneration in fractures and bruises of the bone or periosteum (tissue covering the bones). Great in injuries to the eye- eg. black eye after trauma.

Indian Cricketer, Zaheer Khan regularly uses Homoeopathy, for “tightening of quadriceps”

BELLIS PERENNIS  for bruising that is likely to be deep as in a direct blow to the quads in football or any other contact sports. Good for sprains. Sensation of muscle tightness. Useful in pelvic trauma and injuries to the breast.

LEDUM for a sprained ankle which looks black with bruising. It has the sensation of being cold, yet heat  worsens the pain. Applying ice brings tremendous relief. Also useful in punctured wounds.

RHUS TOX for sprains in larger muscles, feeling of being ‘seized up’. After an intense workout session when the muscles feel stiff. The pains are terrible on first starting to move, but get better with continued movement and stretching of limbs. The skin may be red, sore and itching.

“Homeopathy can provide a preventive and curative action, as well as stimulate the body’s natural defences; and speeds up recovery. There is no risk of doping which produces a high level of acceptability among athletes.”

-Jean-Marcel Ferret, doctor to the French soccer team from 1993 to 2004, the period which included their World Cup win.

MAGNESIUM PHOS dissolved in water and sipped every minute for immediate relief from muscle cramps. The cramps are usually relieved by hard pressure and warm applications.

RUTA is used for all injuries involving flexor tendons, ankles, wrists, cartilage and the periosteum (tissue covering the bones). Especially indicated after weight bearing activities- eg. lifting a dumbbell inaccurately and spraining the wrist or back. Pains are sore, bruised and aching. Better by movement, warmth and rubbing. Hard pressure makes it worse.

David Beckham used homeopathy for a broken foot just prior to the 2002 World Cup

BRYONIA for inflammation of all kinds with tender swellings. Affected parts are very painful to touch and worse with the least motion. Must be kept very still. Sensation of pins and needles.

CALENDULA tincture in warm water to soothe fresh, open wounds. It promotes rapid healing, prevents suppuration and scars. It is also taken internally.

“I use remedies such as Ruta, which helps treat sprained ligaments, Gelsemium for pre-race jitters, Arnica for bruising and Bellis perennis to treat exertion. They all offer athletes a natural alternative to traditional and sometimes harmful medicines.”

James Ellington, British Olympic sprinter and 2nd fastest sprinter in UK