Fat to Fit


Newsletter Issue No:1                                                       

December 2016

With Christmas right around the corner, I’m impressed you found the time to read this!

Your effort is definitely worth it. I’m about to answer the million-dollar question of the festive season:

How do I get rid of holiday fat?

Before I share my Fat to Fit strategy with you, let me tell you in exactly 3 sentences what this newsletter is all about:

  • It’s a quarterly piece of health and wellness tips
  • a platform to connect with alternative paths to a cleaner/greener lifestyle
  • health hacks that make your tomorrow better and still fit into your schedule

And now, to the question I promised to answer:

Fat to Fit this holiday season

The Three-Step Strategy:

  1. Food: let’s face it, with all the yummy goodies around, you’re not going to think hard before you stuff your mouth and cushion your hips. All I ask is, before you pig out; eat something alkaline. Like what? A piece of tomato/carrot/celery, a handful of fresh sprouts; a fruit or a shot of wheatgrass or Amla (Indian Gooseberry) juice. Worst case scenario; drink at least A GLASS OF WATER or fresh unsweetened lime juice. What does this achieve? A shadow of the balance your body needs to fight the fat. So remember to Alkalize during your Festive Food breaks.
  2. Exercise: I can hear you laughing. I know you’re thinking- “Between the shopping, cooking, decorating AND a full-time job, don’t I get all the exercise I need?!” If your old jeans still fit, your skin glows and you feel energetic most of the time; probably yes. If you answered with a no; this is my recommendation to you: Fit in 5 Minutes, a perfect workout for the short-on-time, little lazy, Christmasy person. Check out this routine designed by a fellow health-care professional here.
  3. Go easy on the stress. Wait a minute, you do know chronic stress makes you fat, and even diabetic; right? While holidays are meant to be relaxing, the bitter truth for some is just the opposite. The presence of a family or the lack of one, obligatory gift exchange and thousands of things to-do raise stress levels to the high heavens. And then all hell breaks loose!

More on stress-fat in later issues. For now, it suffices to share my favourite stress-buster with you: Smile for 10 seconds when stressed. Even when you’re hopping mad and want to punch the person in front of you. You will feel and look like an idiot for 10 seconds, but after that….. you have a much better grip on yourself. The reason- “smiling muscles” are linked to happy hormones like serotonin. So fake it till you feel it!

In this, our maiden issue; I introduce you to my team of three at the clinic in Goa. Each of them has insights for you on your sugar levels, your hair and your bladder-well, mostly your child’s bladder.

Dr. Khaliqua Ali: How should Diabetics choose their foods? (Click on the topics to read further)

Dr. Zareen Shaik: Feeding your hair right

Dr. Reetesh Shet: Understanding Bedwetting

My team is at the clinic Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 6pm. For appointments better suited to your convenience, like on weekends, do contact us.

I will be available for consultations in Goa from 5th to 17th January 2017.

Here’s wishing you loads of Christmas cheer and a happy New Year!

Warm regards from Hamburg

Dr. Nicola Coutinho

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