Persecuted by pimples & worried by warts? Homoeopathy answers

Persecuted by pimples & worried by warts? Homoeopathy answers

Understanding how Homoeopathy works in skin diseases

The skin is known as “the mirror of the mind”.  It is the reflection of what is happening inside the body due to some internal disturbance- physical, psychological or emotional stress. Most of the time when the internal systems and organs get affected, they show their effects on the skin. Skin problems are not only skin deep, they often run much deeper.

Homoeopathy plays a big role in dermatological conditions. It offers  highly effective treatment for skin diseases which has been scientifically documented and clinically proven.
Being a holistic system of medicine, Homoeopathy helps to re-balance the body. It recognizes the need to heal mind and body and  in the process, correcting an altered immune system.

As a Homoeopath, we approach the treatment of skin diseases, on an individual basis. We enquire about its causes, spread, the area affected, the genetic pattern, as well as other aspects of the patient-  his temperament, mindset, behavior, fears, moods, stress reactions, cravings, aversions and so on. We even try to understand its inner cause, at the level of immunology, hormones and  genetics. Treatment is planned to address the disease at the root level. By treating the disease at such a deep level, recurrence is usually minimized or eliminated.

A Homoeopathic Remedy is selected after evaluating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of person and hence providing permanent relief to the patient.

Homeopathy does not treat skin problems by using lotions or creams or invasive techniques, because it believes that these methods ‘suppress’ or ‘mask’ the disease and do not ‘cure’ it. Immediate relief will be noted but in long run recurrences occur. The problem often comes back as the root cause still exists. As we see it, the toxins/disease processes which nature wanted to throw away from the body by creating skin eruptions, are pushed back inside, driving the root deeper into the body.

Try Homeopathy for healthy and glowing skin.

Worried by Warts?

Wart (Verrucae) are actually benign growths of the epidermis caused by a virus- the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts can appear nearly anywhere on the body and they differ in appearance, size, and shape.

They are contagious when in contact with the skin of an infected person. It is also possible to get warts from using towels or other objects used by an infected person.

Some people are naturally more resistant to the HPV viruses and don’t seem to get warts as easily as other people.

Homoeopathic approach to warts

Many of you maybe familiar with Thuja or Nitric ac. for warts. That’s just the tip of the ice-berg. Qualified Homoeopaths run a much deeper course of treatment not restricted to only these two remedies.

  • Homeopathy offers an excellent and promising treatment for warts by a curative rather than suppressive approach. 
  • The medicines boost the immune system of the body to fight against the warts.
  • The presence of warts on top of the skin warns of a deeper weakness that allows them to continue and flourish. While removing the wart creates a blemish-free skin, it won’t correct the underlying weakness or the tendency of recurrence. 
  • The beauty of the treatment is that the medicines are to be taken orally and there is no local application. 
  • In Homoeopathy, it is important to enquire about all the aspects of a patient’s life. The homeopathic remedy is then selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution.
  • The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the severity of the warts and their chronicity.

Persecuted by pimples?

Pimples are medically known as acne.

Acne is characterized by pimples on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back and upper arms, and is seen when the skin pores get clogged due to excess sebum (oil) production.

Though it is a skin condition, it probably causes more damage to the patient’s psyche than to the skin.

Acne is a dynamic condition triggered by multiple factors such as hormones, food, climate, irregular lifestyle and stress.

It is commonly seen during teenage or youth years with changing hormones and puberty influences. Acne also affects adults and can sometimes be very severe.

Homoeopathic approach to acne

  • Homoeopathy offers very safe and natural treatment for acne.
  • Because every person is different, no single homoeopathic remedy will work for everyone. A remedy is selected based on a person’s unique set of symptoms, including the type of acne, underlying causes and factors which aggravate the acne.  These remedies also stimulate the individual’s immunity from within resulting in a permanent resolution of the pimples.
  • Homoeopathy also deals with the huge psychological stress acne has on its sufferer. These include reduced self-esteem ,social withdrawal, low self-confidence, depression ,anger and frustration. 
  • The benefits of treatment are: reducing the tendency to have acne, less oiliness of skin, reduced hyperpigmentation (darkness of skin following acne), less tendency for scar formation. Finally, the result is healthy and glowing skin.
  • The best part is, it has no side-effects and is perfectly natural.

About the Author:

Dr. Zareen Shaik has amassed considerable experience with skin cases in Homoeopathy and handles most of our dermatological cases at the clinic. To get a consultation for your skin woes, contact her on or 94208-20586. Dr. Shaik also heads the Geriatric section at Dr. Nicola’s clinic, which offers regular home check-ups to Senior Citizens.