Teething terrors

Homeopathic Clinic Margao Goa

Theoretical and practical learning can be oceans apart. When in university, I diligently devoured paediatrics and thought I knew all about teething babies.

Now my little son is devouring me whole and letting me know in no uncertain terms, how much more I can learn.

How do you know if your child is teething? Here are some indicators:

  • Rubbing nose and/or ears
  • sucking, biting goes into overdrive
  • swollen, painful gums
  • white spots indicating erupting teeth
  • irritability, crankiness
  • sleep goes for a toss

What can you do?

  • Give baby more cuddles, hugs and best of all, wear them. See below for what I mean.
  • let them chew on a clean, cold, wet cloth, soaked in cold breast milk if you like.
  • massage the gums with a clean finger, using firm pressure
  • give baby a carrot or cucumber stick to chew on
  • make a Momsicle- simply freeze breast milk (or formula, if that’s what your baby is on) into a tiny cup and give it a handle, baby can grasp and enjoy the coolness. I used an egg cup a pacifier as a handle.  This is perfect in this summer heat. 
  • Use Homoeopathy. While the pharmacies will recommend Dentonic, it’s best you consult your Homoeopath and get your baby a personalized medicine. 

Research indicates that the diarrhoea and fever many children suffer from,  are not directly related to teething but thanks to infection- all the jewels they put into their mouths. Teething is painful, but it’s also perfectly natural. Why not then, combat natural with natural? Stay away from painkillers and teething rings. Keep your child healthy and happy!