The top three New Years Goals

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Let’s face it. 2018 is ending and most of us are not where we would like to be- health-wise, money-wise and realtionship-wise.

So we set out making new year’s goals with the hope that 2019 will be better. For a lot of us, our to-do’s for the new year fall into these 3 categories. Banking on research by Medscape, here are a few pointers  to ensure more success.

Goal #1: Losing Weight through Exercise:

For those severely overweight– start with non–weight-bearing exercises eg, swimming, water aerobics, floor exercises. Stay away from high-impact aerobic activities. This avoids undue stress on your bones which are already doing a lot of heavy lifting. Pre-breakfast exercise is absolutely essential as this mobilizes and breaks down stored fats. 

For the elderly: resistance training is both safe and beneficial in improving flexibility and quality of life.

For those with heart disease:  refrain from heavy lifting and forceful isometric exercises, but moderate-intensity dynamic strength training is recommended.

For those with weak lungs: exercise in frequent intervals rather than a longer duration and fewer intervals. 

For Diabetics: monitor blood sugar because it can either drop or rise high during and after exercise. Consume a meal 1-3 hours before exercising, administer insulin at least 1 hour before exercise, and, if the blood glucose level is greater than 250 mg/dL, visit your doctor.

Eat a snack every 30 minutes during exercise and drink plenty of fluids. 

For a start, check our 7 day get fit challenge which has all exercises explained in print and video for free.

Goal # 2: Consuming a healthy Diet

As pur diets move from home kitchens to restaurants, super markets and instant foods; we open our bodies to a host of unwelcome substances. Here’s a plan to help you regulate your diet:

  • Consume < 10% of calories per day from added sugars (Read here for how sugar is digging your grave)
  • Consume < 10% of calories per day from saturated fats
  • Consume < 2300 mg of sodium per day
  • If alcohol is consumed, women should have a maximum of one drink per day, and men should have a maximum of two drinks per day.

If all this is too confusing- follow this simple 80/20 rule. 80% healthy food 20% not so healthy food. Here are some great breakfast ideas.

Goal #3 Giving up smoking (or any other addiction)

Your success on giving up a habit like this lies in 2 key factors: education & support. Education about the benefits of giving up the habit and someone to guide and support you through the process which is definitely hard. The more motivated you are, the higher your chances of kicking the habit for good.

“Diets are one of the top risk factors of morbidity and mortality in the world – more than air pollution, more than smoking,” said Jessica Fanzo, a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

“What we’re eating is killing us. So something needs to get us back on track with our food system,” 

Here is where my team and I come in and are more than happy to help you.Contact us for personalized session on nutrition or an in-depth, individualized Homoeopathic treatment protocol.

Together, we can do this!