Why Homoeopathy?

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What is it exactly?

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine based on the law of similars. The word homoeopathy is derived from homoeo meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering.

How does it work?

By strengthening the body’s immune system, thus enabling the body to fight the disease itself.  Confusing as this may sound, the medicine given acts similar to the disease-causing-agent. We call it the artificial disease. It is administered in minute, potentized (process which liberates molecular energy of the drug ) doses which are stronger than the actual disease. 
That’s where the law of similar comes into action. Like cures Like. So the weaker disease agent is overpowered and eliminated by the stronger medicinal agent.

Homoeopathy comes from India, right? Wrong!

Homoeopathy was founded in the 18th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann -himself a medical practitioner frustrated with the results of the then existing medical methods. Contrary to popular belief, Homoeopathy is not an Indian system of medicine. It originated in Germany. Dr. Hahnemann discovered that the drugs which could produce symptoms in a healthy person could also cure a similar diseased state in the patient. For example, Ipecac is a plant that when eaten raw can cause vomiting. In a medicinal/potentized state, the same Ipecac can cure someone with vomiting due to various causes- pregnancy, infections etc.

Why do I leave my Homoeopath with just a few pills?

The answer is simple. Homoeopathy follows the tenet of Less is More. What the body needs is only a small trigger to re-balance. Then it takes care of the recovery process by itself. Indeed, the body is already endowed with the ability to heal itself. Homoeopathy just provides the push it needs. The tiny white globules you receive are more than sufficient to provide this stimulus.

 Why does my doctor ask so many questions?
Homoeopathic case taking is very extensive and detailed.  Questions you may be asked aside from your main complaint include appetite, thirst, sleep and sweat patterns, stress factors. The reason being that an individualized remedy will be picked for your unique case. Though we may suffer from the same disease, we are all built with different genetic sequences, preferences and histories. Homoeopathy takes all of this into account and chooses a suitable remedy from its repertoire of over 5,000.

How nature-friendly is Homoeopathy?
Very. Unlike other systems of medicine, homoeopathic drugs are tested first on healthy human beings and not animals. It is but natural that the anatomy and inner workings of a rat or pig are different from that of a human being.

My friend & I both suffer from migraines, yet we were prescribed different medicines! Why?

As we know, most fevers are handled with Paracetamol or Crocin. Homoeopathy on the other hand does not follow this principle of one remedy fits all.  Just the disease diagnosis is not sufficient to prescribe a medicine. We take it a step further into person diagnosis. This means prescribing based on tiny differences in symptoms that we all display because each of us is unique. Each of us has a different bodily makeup and thus respond to disease in a different manner.

For instance, your migraines might be set off by lack of sleep and get worse with noise. Your friends migraines are triggered by her periods and get aggravated by the slightest exposure to light. Therefore you would probably respond to Nux-vom and your friend to Glonoine. Each patient is a unique case for a homoeopath and requires deep analysis to arrive at a suitable medicine.

Why Homeopathy

What ailments is Homoeopathy suitable for? 

Being a holistic system of medicine, Homoeopathy is well documented for a wide spectrum of diseases. Right from childhood troubles- like painful dentition, allergies and behavioural problems to adult woes of hair loss, skin diseases and the pains of older persons- arthritis, varicose veins and digestive issues.

Medicines can be taken to relieve both physical as well as mental ills. When a person in good health is given a deep acting medicine, it builds his resistance, thus helping to prevent future illnesses.

By administering the right remedy, relief can be felt in a matter of minutes in acute cases, dispelling beliefs that Homoeopathy is slow-acting and only meant for chronic illnesses.

Homoeopathic medicines help facilitate healing in post operative cases and also in various injuries.

Give Homoeopathy a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

About the Author

Dr. Khaliqua Ali believes that one must be well informed about various treatment methods available in order to make an informed choice. She plays her part in regularly and patiently educating her patients on the subject of Homoeopathy. To benefit from her expertise, contact her on khal16ali@gmail.com or 9922190527. Additionally, Dr. Ali heads the Veterinary section at Dr. Nicola’s Clinic. Get in touch with her for more on how to soothe your pet’s woes.