Winter Worries

October is almost swallowed in the belly of this year and winter is coming! Even those of us living in the tropics, feel temperatures drop, the days get shorter and perhaps melancholy setting in.

Three things go for a toss when temperatures drop and the sun plays more hide than seek:

  • Skin- we are all too familiar with skin that looks and feels white, dry and wrinkled.
  • Immunity- the sniffles and snuffles turn you into a sneezing machine.
  • Moods- who knew that less sunlight can make you blue?! It does!

Homeopathy can help you with all three! 

Here is a case treated by Dr. Reetesh Shet:

This man came for Eczema which got worse with the cold, among other factors. He was suffering from the same for 2 years.

 Before Treatment

The details of this patient’s case were analysed and a homeopathic remedy was prescribed. 2 weeks later he reported feeling markedly better.

After Treatment

Aside from using Homeopathy for these top 3 winter worries, here’s what else you can do:

  • Hydrate! Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. You know how plants droop when they aren’t watered? Same story with your skin. Can’t drink so much you say? Try this trick- drink two glasses every time you go to the loo. Rest assured you will go again!
  • Drink this ginger infused concoction and laugh out loud! I’m not kidding. Check the link to know more.
  • Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. If sunlight is not adequate where you live or you’re not exposing yourself enough; you might need to take supplements.

There you go, all equipped for winter! Let it come now…

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