Ultra processed food- the what, why and how

Ice cream

What are ultra processed foods? Professor Carlos Monteiro of Brasil coined the term when he and his colleagues linked the increase of obesity and chronic diseases to harmful food production. They came up with a classification system called NOVA that groups foods based on their degrees of processing: Unprocessed or minimally processed foods Processed culinary ingredients Processed foods Ultra-processed food and drink […]

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The top three New Years Goals

Holding hands

Let’s face it. 2018 is ending and most of us are not where we would like to be- health-wise, money-wise and realtionship-wise. So we set out making new year’s goals with the hope that 2019 will be better. For a lot of us, our to-do’s for the new year fall into these 3 categories. Banking on research by Medscape, here are a few pointers  […]

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7 foods that make you sleepy and 7 that keep you awake


Can’t sleep? The problem and solution both may lie in your kitchen…  7 SLEEP INDUCING FOODS Foods that make you sleepy are often rich in L-Tryptophan, an amino acid that acts as a natural sedative. Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and potasium work their magic on muscles and get them relaxed. Bananas are an excellent food to eat to feel sleepy. […]

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Is sugar digging your grave?


As dramatic as the title sounds, that wasn’t my intention. Just stating facts. Being an Indian, living in Germany with a young Indo-German child; I decided to compare sugar consumption in the two countries and I am apalled. My son will be kept off sugar until one year of age and then some; but him discovering it is inevitable. Sugar […]

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The Holy Oil Of Coconut

Coconut oil

Good oil or bad oil? Despite the controversies surrounding coconut oil I would like to make you aware of its wonderful benefits. We Goans  and those in tropical areas, are very lucky to have these wonder nuts grow and flourish at our door step. In several places, sourcing and consuming coconut oil leaves a size-able dent in one’s wallet. More than 90% of coconut oil consists […]

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