First Case Analysis
Your first consultation for a chronic problem involves a in-depth case taking and analysis in order to prescribe an individualized homeopathic remedy. We also conduct a clinical examination as applicable and give you the medicines you need. Duration 45-60 Mins. This process for an acute illness is considerably shorter.
Bach Flower Consultations
Learn to use flower essences to deal with stress, mood swings and intense emotional disturbances. This session teaches you to use personalized flower essence remedies, so you never again need to feel helpless. Duration 60 Mins
Follow-up Consultation

We track your progress during treatment and making necessary adjustments to your get healthy plan. Duration: 20-30 Mins. Once more, a clinical examination as seen fit will be conducted and appropriate medicines dispensed.

*both possible as online consultations. You can then opt to come to the clinic for a physical examination and to collect your medicines or we can have them couriered to you.

For students and practitioners, we offer a free monthly discussion session. We also organize international internships organized. Get in touch if you’d like to join. For the lay public, we conduct seminars on various topics by request- eg First Aid with Homeopathy, How to deal with Stress and Ways to Boost Immunity
Nutrition & Weight Management
This consultation includes a personalized assessment of your health status followed by charting of a plan to attain your specific nutritional/exercise/detox goals. Duration 60 Mins
Medical Health Camps

 We regularly conduct free health camps through NGOs for schools, slum areas and old age homes. Should you wish to organize one, please get in touch.

Mums & Bubs
New mums and newborns have an intensive period of adjustment- whether it pertains to lactation issues, depression or food allergies, Homeopathy is an excellent support. Here we follow the First Case Analysis and Follow-up System mentioned above.
Animal Corner
Animals respond beautifully to homeopathy. We treat your pets in consultation with highly qualified vets.
Wise Citizens chapter
We offer health checks for Senior Citizens in the comfort of their homes.