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“I can’t manage without homeopathy. I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I use them often …”

– Paul McCartney

client testimonials

Dr. Nicola is and has always been one of the best doctors I could possibly see. Trusting her right from her college days she’s never failed a diagnosis. Till date, even though we’re miles apart, she’s always available whenever I need her, acing at every level from friend to practitioner.unlike other practitioners. She's now been my doctor for over 5 years. When covid-19 lockdown badly affected my health she was very quick to respond and although it was difficult to find the best treatment/dosage to keep flares and infections at bay, she persisted and I'm now almost back to my normal self. Though it was under difficult circumstances, it was a delight to reconnect and get her invaluable support. There's simply no other doctor quite like her!

A doctor with heart. Someone who's got it right when it comes to keeping people off unnecessary chemicals and taking the long slow route to recovery - that's always the best. Go meet her sometime. She's a really lovely caring person. Everything you'd want someone who's gonna try and heal you to be!

I cannot stop recommending Dr. Nicola Coutinho to anyone who has a medical problem.
My baby had a severe case of constipation a few months back. Thanks to Dr. Nicola's homeopathic medicines she was able to pass motions regularly again. I really appreciate the time and effort she took to solve my baby's problem even though she lives in a different country. Kudos to you Nicola. You and your team here in Goa do a great job. Keep up the great work.

The most horrific days of my life...and this kind hearted homeopath saved my sanity and treated my family. S o my mum and son were both tested positive for covid 19, my son had bad loose motions and fever, and she managed to heal him in just 3days,and that too without any pain..that I guess is the beauty of homeopathy, and this kind lady who also happens to be an amazing mom supported me in this difficult time. She would check up on my son every 3-4hours even with the time difference, she had full control over the situation.
Way to go Dr Nicola...u deserve all the credit for my son's improvement, and mom is on her way to getting better...I can't thank u enough for being such a wonderful support system...I’m glad that my family has you as their homeopathic physician 💝💝wish u all the love and success in life..

TO all moms having babies in pain , crying, sleeping problem or anything...
My 7 weeks old baby was so much in pain because of a reflux and was crying a lot since she was born. after trying many things, we finally went to see a Homeopath, and it is just INCREDIBLE how it helped! from one day to the next one, our little one stopped crying, we couldn't recognize our baby...
She is so relaxed, so calm whereas she was until now always screaming, in pain and struggling to fall asleep. Her stomach/reflux problems reduced so much, she is now a smiling baby, feeling well and sleeping so well. I HIGHLY recommend this (homeopath/ mom) who has relieved our LO and made her feeling painless and so much relaxed. After almost 2 months of incessant crying and helplessness over her pain, what a relief for the whole family... Thanks again Nicola Coutinho.

Dr. Nicola is just magic. My sinus was acting up for a very long time and I was on allopathy medicine. After 3 courses of antibiotics and allergy medication I decided to give Dr. Nicola a try. The 1st 4 days I actually grumbled because my sinus seemed to turn from bad to worse. On the 5th day I felt a bit better. But man on 7th day onwards was just pure magic. I woke up active, my headaches were gone, my tiredness was gone. All I wanted was not to sneeze all day and I could see myself brand new. I never thought these would be the results. Its been a month now and I’m on no medication (not even Dr Nicola's. She told me to take the pills if I needed, the need hasn't arisen till now.) I thank you Dr. Nicola.

Dr. Nicola was recommended to me by a good friend and it is no exaggeration to say that her practice has had a transformational effect on my health. She was very supportive of my initiative to withdraw from topical steroids after over 2 decades of severe eczema and helped find the right treatment, unlike other practitioners. She's now been my doctor for over 5 years. When covid-19 lockdown badly affected my health she was very quick to respond and although it was difficult to find the best treatment/dosage to keep flares and infections at bay, she persisted and I'm now almost back to my normal self. Though it was under difficult circumstances, it was a delight to reconnect and get her invaluable support. There's simply no other doctor quite like her!

From the year 2013, I am suffering from sneezing, watery and blocked nose, itching in nose, eyes and ears. This problem is unbearable. I read somewhere that there is permanent remedy in homeopathic branch of medicine.
From 2014 till 2020 October, I had tried Ayurveda, Allopathy & also Homeopathy. I had consulted more than 5 Homeo doctors, including one from Kerala. Normally I try around 4 to 5 months with one doctor and give up as there is no relief. As a last resort, I sent text messages to Nicola (my daughter’s classmate and former neighbour) during first week of October 2020. So patiently, she listened to my problems, though she is in Germany. I collected medicines from her clinic in Margao. As there was not much improvement initially, she changed the medicines a couple of times.
Nicola, the mind reader, I can say, found and pulled out the real problem from me, my stress, anxiety. Certain incidents which I have never ever revealed or shared with anyone till date I shared with Dr. Khaliqua. Nicola assured me that they are sworn to SECRECY and it is a must for the treatment that I should open up. After patiently listening for around 3 hours, she told me to collect medicine the next day. This time I decided, if not now, never am going to get relieved with my problems.
Yes, medicines worked out very well. I am completely relieved of my problems. I know very well that I may have to continue medicines, may be 6 or 12 months. I am ready.
Nicola or Khaliqua are not psychiatrists or psychologists. But the root cause of the problem is found out, diagnosed and removed completely.
These young girls are marvelous, awesome, gifted with THAT magic touch. Dear Nicola, Khaliqua, - you are wonderful. Beyond words.....THANKS

I have been a patient of Dr. Nicola for about 4 years now and I can honestly say that homeopathy has had such a huge impact on my life and on how I function.
I have struggled with a number of physiological problems since my teenage years which have manifested themselves in various ways. I finally decided to give homeopathy a try and I have never looked back. Dr. Nicola and her team are so efficient, so well-informed and so organised that they have managed to attend to and treat people across countries, making it look absolutely effortless!

I recently had an experience where I reached out to Dr. Nicola through WhatsApp in an emergency (again, across countries) and she was there for me to guide me and to tell me what to do. I really wouldn't have been able to recover properly without her. She takes such amazing care of her patients and is always so encouraging. I have benefited so much from her treatment.
A big shout out to Nicola and her team of amazing doctors and support staff. You guys are doing a fantastic job 🙂❤

Stayed home most of last week because of a cold, focusing on complete care to recover fully, and avoid feeling guilty every time I was outside the house because of necessity - thanks to the current circumstances.
Recovering within a matter of days from what seemed like a full-fledged week-long cold/flu was miraculous! This was my first time putting faith in homeopathy and I’m happy, relieved and amazed by its effectiveness. Thank you, @Nicola Coutinho for treating us!