We are a team of fiercely passionate Homeopaths determined to serve you with the highest quality of holistic healthcare. 

The clinic in Goa, conceived in 2010, fully functional in 2013; was run initially only by Dr. Coutinho. Gradually, the team grew in order to accommodate the growing need of patients. 

Services at our practice include Homeopathic consultations, Weight and Nutrition Management, Homeopathic Camps for the underprivileged, Educational seminars and lots more. 

​We encourage you to approach us with questions you may have; because we believe doubts can only be clarified through discussion. Here’s to health through Homeopathy! 

Drs. Nicola, ReeteshKhaliqua and Reecha 

Homeopathic Clinic Margao Goa - Dr. Nicola Coutinho

Dr. Nicola gets candid-

For me, the road less travelled didn’t stop at Homoeopathy. In 2015, I moved halfway across the world to Germany to be with the love of my life and in the country of Homoeopathy’s origins. We now have a beautiful son.

Having said that, home remains Goa. This practice is my first child and will always have my utmost devotion.

Since September 2018 I have a second practice in Hamburg, Germany. I also teach aspiring German Homoeopaths. Along with my reliable team, I manage the clinic in Goa and offer both online, as well as in-person consultations.

As a doctor and passionate teacher, I give my patients and students the very best I possibly can.

Dr. Nicola Coutinho 

The Team

Dr. Nicola Coutinho

MD (Hom), India.
Heilpraktiker, Germany

Dr. Reetesh Shet
Senior Consultant


Dr. Khaliqua Ali
Senior Consultant


Dr. Reecha Raikar
Junior Consultant


Mrs. Venecia Oliveira
Clinic Assistant